8 Organic Dandelion Root Tea Benefits & How to make it

Dandelion is a herb that has many medical uses due to its many active compounds. Depends on where you used to live when you were a child, you might remember playing with dandelion and pull out of the ground. 

It’s surprising that something we label as a “weed”, can be one of nature’s top healing food with so many health benefits.

Fatty Liver Supplements – the 4 natural supplements that work!

Why Supplements Matter

Natural supplements are an important part on fatty liver treatment. It’s been proved over and over that they aid and help on treating the disease. Do not confuse natural supplements with traditional drugs. These are natural sources of compounds found in nature that help our liver to recover and do its job better. It’s as simple as it sounds.

So if you’re serious on getting better and want to be fatty liver free, you must include fatty liver supplements into your daily routine as well as a proper diet and exercise.

Liver Position in Human Body

The human liver is the body’s second largest organ after the human skin.

The liver normally weighs about 3 pounds and is built-up by a complex chemical factory which produces many important substances (bile, digestive enzymes, clotting factors, cholesterol, proteins and more).

Some updates about finding a drug to cure fatty liver disease

After so many years fatty liver disease was not receiving enough attention, it seems that all major health institutes are changing their view on this disease.

One of the major of such groups, The Liver Meeting® (AASLD), which a a global health organization about liver diseases, held its annual meetings in 2014, and they decided to switch their main agenda to Fatty Liver Disease. This is mainly because now there is a really effective cure for Hepatitis C, so the next “big” thing is Fatty Liver.