24 years old Fatty Liver patient

This is a letter I received not a long time ago from David, a 24 years old man, who was diagnosed to have a fatty liver:


2 Months ago I was told I have Fatty Liver Disease. I am 24 years old, I weight at 260 pounds, 5’11” tall. I am over weight and I have more fatty mass than muscle mass. Knowing that I have this disease is draining my mind and creating a lot of stress because I just don’t know how bad I have it.

What makes it more stressful is the fact that I have lost 17 pounds since January of this year and I don’t know how I did it. I read that weight loss is a sign of advancement of the Disease. The only thing I have changed is that I have been eating a healthy breakfast in the morning that includes lots of fruit and no exercise. The other thing that I had done was take synthroid for my thyroid functions. I took the pill for 3 months or so and stopped taking it around January. I am stilling losing weight to this day and it is driving me nuts.


Can you tell me at my age should I be worried about the weight loss as a sign of advancement? I just pray that its not that far along so that I can have a chance to exercise and eat better to turn this disease around. What can I do to see just how bad I really have it. Your prompt response would be greatly enjoyed.

Few hours later I sent him the following answer:

Before I can answer to your questions, I need to know some missing details.

First of all, which type of fatty liver disease do you have? Alcoholic or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease?
Have you performed any abdominal ultrasound test for fatty liver diagnosis?

Second, have you done any liver function blood tests? If so, what were the results? Specifically, the results of liver enzymes ALT and AST.

You are 24 years old; meaning the change the disease isn’t advanced yet. It takes decades for a fatty liver to advance to a much serious liver conditions.

Waiting for your reply.
Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

David replied:

I have NAFLD. A ultrasound was preformed on my liver to determine that I have NAFLD. My blood test results were: AST = 82, ALT= 161. Tests were done 12/16/08.

My report produced from the ultrasound is as follows:

FINDINGS: The liver is difficult to penetrate and has a coarsened echotexture.
No hepatic mass or intrahepatic biliary ductal dilatation is seen. The
pancreas appears normal. The gallbladder is normal. Right kidney is normal.
Common bile duct measures 3 mm. No free fluid is seen.

IMPRESSION: The appearance of the liver suggests hepatic steatosis. No focal
hepatic lesion or intrahepatic biliary ductal dilatation is seen.

I hope you can answer my questions with the information given above. With that said, In general what can I eat to help my liver out? I heard lemon juice is okay? Is this true? What else if you have any other ideas.

My answer to him:

From the information you provided, it is my honest though that your condition is reversible. I’m positive your weight loose is not an indication for advanced stage of the disease.
To reverse the condition, it will require from you to change your life style and eating habits.

Regarding lemon juice, the answer is yes. There are some indications that lemon juice is good for a fatty liver. You can also read the foods for fatty liver article that gives a good guideline for what you should eat.

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  1. Jubie Sabandal
    Jubie Sabandal says:

    Good day!

    My brother just underwent a LIVER ULTRASOUND last week. The result is as follows:

    1. The liver is slightly enlarged with a midclavicular span of 16.2 centimeters.
    2. The parenchymal echopattern is heterogeneous.
    3. Intrahepatic duts are not dilated.
    4. The proximal common duct measures 3.50 millimeteres which is not dilated and are echofree.
    5. Portal vein and its tributaries are unremarkable.
    6. The gallbladder is distended measuring 6.6 x 2.0 x 1.6 cubic centimeters with nonthickened walls (1.68 mm).
    7. 7Lumen is echofree with no pericholecystic fluid collection.
    8. There is no fluid collection in the intraperitorial cavity.



    He’ll return to the doctor requesting the ultrasound tomorrow but I dont trust hi telling everything to me. I am so worried about his condition.

    Please help me understand what every line means (1 to 8) and how can I help him recover.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Jitesh
    Jitesh says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have a non alcholic fatty liver, which I was diagnosed in May 08.

    I did a blood test last week, and here are the results:

    Serum Albumin 45 g/l (35-55)
    Alk Phos 197 (80-300)
    Serum total bilirubin 28umol HI (5-21)
    ALT/SGPT 93 iu/L HI (0-45)

    Serum gamma GT Level
    (SR) – Normal, no action
    Serum gamma GT Level 28 iu/L (0-49)

    The tests were done here in the UK.

    Even through I have been eating healthly and
    excersizing the best I can the ALT has krept
    up 22 points since end of November.

    Should I be concerned?



  3. simn ang
    simn ang says:

    I was diagnosed with fatty liver in my ultrasound reading. It reads the liver is normal
    in size with increased parenchymal echogenicity and smooth orgarns. No facal lession seen.


    Fatty infiltration of the liver. Normal gallbladder and pancreas.

    I have also done my blood test and it shows SGPT= 30, SGOT= 18 (with in normal range).

    I am trying to loose weight. I am having an occasion abdominal pain in my right upper abodomen. Do you think this is caused by the fatty liver?? also i am bloated even if i
    eat less. What can be the reason of this right abdominal pain??

  4. maria ramirez
    maria ramirez says:

    my daughter is 15yrs old and i was just told that she has a very fatty liver and that the doctor wants a specialized test done-he is worried. i know nothing of this. but my daughter has been having signs of something wrong with her for about a year now. she is on alot of psych meds. she is bipolar. they gave her high doses of lithium, depakote and seroquel for 6 yrs now. she has stomach pains and she has a hard lump where her liver is, she vomits after eating all the time and she is obese, she weighs 205pds. she was 146 back in august 2010. she also has dark circles under her eyes and patches of discolored skin. can you explain this>

  5. weety
    weety says:

    i have been told i have a fatty liver just by blood tests my fructosamine is 327, acr is 35.8, creatinine is 58, gfr 107 triglyceride 2.6 i have been tols i have microalbuminuric diabetic nephropathy and hypertriglyceridaemia i dont drink or smoke. i dont know what theses results mean and have not had them explained when asked i am just told not to worry

  6. Mark Bar-Gomel
    Mark Bar-Gomel says:

    Sounds like a different liver disease, not a fatty liver.

    Your liver ultrasound test should clarify it. If it’s a fatty liver disease, it will clearly show up. If its not, I would recommend you to visit a gastrologist for further examinations.

  7. tim wilson
    tim wilson says:

    i am getting a liver ultrasound tomorrow am. My ALT is in the 70’s and I’ve been feeling bloatedand gassy. My stool has had an orangish brown color. It floates, not sure if thats due to gas or fat. Seems at times to be somewhat mucusy. My smomach is at times distendeed and bloated. I also have had Crohns for 24 yrs. I am 40 now. Not overweight. I seem to eat what ever I want. Any input?
    Thank you,

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