“Zydus Cadila” develops a drug for Fatty Liver

The Indian drug company Zydus Cadila is in the process to develop a real medicine for fatty liver disease. As many of you might know, at this moment there are no actual medicine treatment for fatty liver, so this might be the first drug for the disease.

The drug itself is based on another drug that is designed Diabetes called Lipaglyn (Saroglitazar). According to the company, the unique mechanism of action in the drug, it could also treat Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


Fatty Liver could increase chance of Cardiovascular diseases

A new data mentioned in the International Liver Congress 2015 shows that statistically, cardiovascular diseases are common in people with nonalcoholic fatty liver. That includes kidney diseases, stroke & heart failure.

Cardiovascular Diseases

This information has been collected from a 14-year analysis of data collected of 929,465 patients from 2000 to 2013 from several hospitals in England.


Fatty Liver is now the #1 cause of Chronic Liver Diseases

The Liver Meeting® (AASLD) 2014 has now switched the main focus on liver diseases on Fatty Liver. The main reason is that a cure for Hepatitis C is now a reality, thus making fatty liver as the most emerging cause of chronic liver diseases.

I’ve been saying for more than a decade that Fatty Liver is probably become the most alerting liver disease ever. Good to know that it’s now been confirmed and everyone take it seriously.