Fatty Liver Causes

There are two types of fatty liver – one that develops due to excessive consumption of alcohol, and the other that develops in non-drinkers, after an excessive amounts of fat buildup around the liver.

Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Chronic alcoholism can lead to a slow and progressive liver failure. This is known as one of the two common fatty liver causes, because the first phase of an alcoholic liver diseases will probably be an Alcoholic liver disease (also called “alcoholic steatosis”).

The damage is usually reversible if the patient becomes determined and abstinent. But with continued drinking, the result could be unfortunate. When this happens, liver cells gradually die and will be replaced by scar tissue. Excessive amounts of scar tissue can lead to a liver failure and/or Cirrhosis.

Fatty Liver Causes

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

The second fatty liver type and by large a more common one, is a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Until couple of year ago, it was believed that a non-alcoholics fatty liver was just a symptom of being overweight, or a diabetic. But studies from years ago have concluded that a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a completely different disease, which can lead to serious consequences if untreated. The most common causes of the disease are:

  • Bad Food habits – eating high-fat concentrated, fried food with high cholesterol; “fast food”; sugar rich snacks.
  • Lack or very low physical activity.
  • Being overweight or obese.

Non-alcholic Fatty Liver Disease and Cirrhosis Progression

NAFLD includes two different levels

  • Simple Fatty Liver (steatosis)
    This is caused due to the deposition of fats in the liver. It usually does not lead to liver inflammation or scar tissue, and the risk of progressive liver damage is relatively low. There are no identified symptoms for simple fatty liver.
  • NASH (Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis)
    In NASH, besides the excess of fat, there are some signs of inflammation and the liver cells are dying (necrosis).

NASH considered to be more severe than other forms of Non-Alcoholic fatty liver. This is because the simple fact that liver cells are dying. Patients who suffer from NASH are one stage closer to liver cirrhosis. In the United Status, NASH is now considered to be the 3rd most common cause of liver disease in adults (followed by hepatitis C and alcohol). This is most popular cause of liver disease among adolescents.

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  1. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    I have had pain and tightness in the middle of chest behind the sternum , the spot is tender to touch been going on for about four years. I have been seeing different doctors trying different meds for acid reflex , nothing helps . I am very irritable can’t sleep and have cut out a lot of things like meat ,soda . Nothing is helping , have had test upper G.I. sonograms , emptying of the stomach findings fat liver was the only thing found

  2. shalini
    shalini says:

    Dear sir.

    Im 48 yrs female.. last year my uterus removed (hysterectomy) now I took ultra sound scan my report shows.
    1. Liver is normal in size (~139 mm) and shows diffuse increase in echogenicity with no evidence of focal lesion.

    2. Impression
    * fatty liver
    * post hysterectomy status.

    My report shows like that. What is my health problem sir. Pls telme.

  3. jennifer d custer
    jennifer d custer says:

    i have a fatty liver ..i am an alcoholic and i have hepc and hepa..what are my chances to get better?and is there anything to help me..if not..well can you give me any info on how i could live longer..i am so scared..and i have pain..no dr. will give me pain meds..how can i ease my pain..i have been on tylenol 3’s also for about 7 yrs..please send me any info..

  4. Robyn White
    Robyn White says:

    I was just recently told I might have fatty liver problems due to all medications that all my doctors put me on. I have a very sharp pain under my right ribcage. Has been going on for 6 months or longer. Now my primary doctor wants me to see a gastrologist to do further testing. What are the symptoms i am having can be related too, The pain is so sharp it takes your breathe away? Please let me know what you think as now I am dumbfounded?

  5. M SPIES
    M SPIES says:

    Hi, I have been told by the doctor I have a fatty liver, enlarged spleen and diabetes. I also have a tumor in my right kidney. It has grown from 1mm to 2cm in six month. He says don’t worry but I am petrified. Is this serious? My mum lost one of her kidneys about 45 years ago so I know you can live with one.


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