Could ALT levels be lowered to normal range?

This letter is from Mike, who was diagnosed to have a fatty liver few years ago:

A few years back I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease (ultimately by way of liver ultrasound after blood test revealed elevated enzymes).

Since that time I have gained 30 pounds and am honestly overweight.

A recent blood test showed only one enzyme elevated, ALT, and the UL was 67.

Lower ALT - Fatty Liver

My question is, is on ongoing ALT elevated above the normal limit of 45 to be expected since there is essentially no cure for fatty liver disease?

Said another way, from what I understand exercise and diet are used to “regulate” the disease as there is no cure.  Even with exercise and diet can it be expected that the ALT would go down to normal levels are still remain elevated above the limit of 45?  I have not exercised and my diet is not great. Thanks.

My answer to this question is short:

Even though fatty liver disease has no official “cure”, the fact is that with proper diet and exercise, fatty liver symptoms can be brought to minimum. Meaning, the ALT levels in the bloodstream would reach to normal if  a new life style is being adapted.

So yes, the ALT levels could be lowered to normal range if you are willing to take the necessary actions in your life.

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  1. Eric Lyng
    Eric Lyng says:

    Greg, you are right, and very similar to me. I have been through this a few times now. I am 48yrs old and 5 foot 11 inches tall. When my weight gets over 210 I have elevated ALT levels, and it always turns out to be Fatty Liver. Then I start exercising, eating right, and swimming laps and the ALT levels return to normal as I approach 195 pounds. I’m just one of those people who cannot be overweight or the health problems begin. It’s a bummer but I have a lot more fun with the ladies when my weight is normal.

  2. Greg IGnash
    Greg IGnash says:

    If you exercise regulary and follow a low carb low fat diet your liver numbers will return to normal. I am 44 years of age and have had these elevated numbers for years. I am 6’1 and whenever I get back into a regular routine of eating well and exercising for a prolonged period of time and my weight drops below 210 pounds my liver numbers return to normal. What is required to combat the problem is exactly what was quoted a “lifestyle change” remembering that prolonged elevated liver numbers have a high correlation to other complications including liver cancer. That was enough to motivate me to make some serious changes in my life hopefully it will do the same for you.

  3. tc
    tc says:

    I’ve read that the herb, Standardized Milk Thistle also has the ability to lower the liver score, due to the fact it supposedly reduces inflammation of the liver, which also helps it heal.


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