Getting to Decreased ALT & AST Levels

One month ago one of my patients was diagnosed with hepatomegaly (enlarged liver) with fat. At that time, his liver function blood test showed ALT values of 133, and AST 57.

My recommendation to him was to start a fatty liver diet program, and mild physical activity, like walking for 1 hour for 3 times a week.

One month was passed, and now his blood test shows a decreased ALT level – 79, and a decreased AST level –  37. This is extremely good results for such short period of time.

This means that the treatment actually works. ALT and AST values are effected pretty fast when the body receives different, healthy type of food. In a matter of 2-3 month, a new blood test would hopefully reveal these enzymes at their normal levels.

It is extremely important to monitor your progress through taking a new blood test about about 3 weeks. It gives a lot of motivation and keeps you in track.

Keeping normal ALT and AST ratios

ALT (SGPT) Blood Test

Getting decreased ALT and AST levels to normal levels is one thing – but keeping at these levels are completely different task. There is a need to continue eating food with low fat, doing exercise, and generally watch your health and maintaining a healthy life-style.

Even if the blood test would show perfectly normal results, it can be deceiving, because your liver is still fatty. It doesn’t go away that soon. It takes few years at least. The best way to confirm if you still have a fatty liver is a combination of blood test AND a liver ultrasound.

Keep in mind that you will probably need to keep a healthy life-style all of your life, because your liver is vulnerable for fatty liver.

Click here for more information about fatty liver diet program.

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  1. Ernie
    Ernie says:

    Just had my blood work done for my medicine that I take everyday. My test came back my alt was 90 and ast 50. Is that bad go n to get a test done by a gasterologist n 3 to 4 weeks. I have also been taken a lot of Tylenol could this b the culpret. Thanks let me know

  2. Mark Bar-Gomel
    Mark Bar-Gomel says:

    You’re right Donna.

    Helen, you need to redo the blood test every couple of month to monitor it.
    219 units per liter is extremely high and I recommend you check it immediately with your physician.

    Wish you well,
    Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    Helen, your daughter’s ALT (SGPT) is very high. It should be in the range of 0-32. Is your daughter overweight? If so, she certainly needs to go on a balanced low fat diet and also exercise daily, such as beginning to walk a mile or more at a fast clip. Also, she should be checked for hepatitis A, B, and C.There is also an E virus that often attacks the liver. How much was her AST (SGOT)? It should be between 0-40. Sugars also attack the liver, so colas, juices with added sugar, etc. need to GO. She also need to go back to the doctor in a couple of months and have the labs re-checked. Hope this helps a little bit.

  4. Helen Morgan
    Helen Morgan says:

    hia, i am woundering if any one can help me, my daughter just had her liver blood test back and her ALT/SGPT serum level is 219 iu/L i was woundring what is classed at notmal for a 17 year old?

  5. Morteza
    Morteza says:

    Hi: Thanks for the informaiton. It was quite useful. I have a relatively fatty liver. It was good to know that the trend can be reversed through diet and exercise. Thanks. Morteza

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