Fatty Liver Diagnosis

Fatty Liver diagnosis is somewhat tricky, because you don’t have any symptoms to begins with. And if you don’t have any noticeable symptoms, it’s very hard to actually get diagnosed. You might as well have fatty liver for years and even decades without even knowing it.

Most people who have been diagnosed with the disease were because of a routine blood test.

The First Blood Test

The first blood is the most important one. It’s the test that starts the diagnosis process. Without it, you’d have a “sleeper” disease within your liver.

Fatty Liver Blood Test

A blood test can detect a liver disorder by evaluating the liver enzyme levels – ALT. If the blood test results show an high levels of ALT, it’s a sign there is an issue with your liver.

This is the time were your physician will most likely ask you to redo the blood test. But this time it will be very focused on the liver.

Second Blood Test

This blood test has two goals:

  • Rule out common liver conditions, such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
  • Include other tests to check your liver condition more closely.

The most important blood tests that check your liver’s condition are ALT (also called SGPT), AST (also called SGOT), and Bilirubin.

If Hep B and Hep C have been ruled out, high levels of ALT and/or AST may suggest a fatty liver. You can read in more details about liver function’s blood test here.

Liver Ultrasound

After the blood tests, you will need to do an abdominal ultrasound scan. This will allow for a close examination of your liver tissue to confirm whether you have a fatty liver and its severity.

More details on Fatty Liver Ultrasound >>

* Note: In rare cases where there is no clear sign of a fatty liver even though a blood test shows high liver enzyme levels, a liver biopsy might be needed.


If you’d like, we have a special tool we built specifically to help with fatty liver diagnosis. We simply call it Fatty Liver Self-Diagnosis tool. Simply answer few questions and we’ll try to decide if you have a fatty liver or not. It’s completely FREE of charge.

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  1. Connie M.
    Connie M. says:

    I had a cholecystectomy back in 2007. Just found out my ct scan results, it says, fatty infiltration of liver. Probable small hepatic and splenic cyst. Prior cholelecystectomy.

  2. Donna
    Donna says:

    I went in for a ct of my chest and when the called me back they said my chest was fine but that my liver was dince and they want to do a ultra sound . I’m not over weight I don’t smoke or drink I’m kind of scared because there has been a lot of cancer in my family

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