Fatty Liver could increase chance of Cardiovascular diseases

A new data mentioned in the International Liver Congress 2015 shows that statistically, cardiovascular diseases are common in people with nonalcoholic fatty liver. That includes kidney diseases, stroke & heart failure.

This information has been collected from a 14-year analysis of data collected of 929,465 patients from 2000 to 2013 from several hospitals in England.

“Most of fatty liver patients die of cardiovascular disease rather than liver disease”

This has been quoted from Laurent Castera, MD, from Beaujon Hospital in Paris, France. He also mentioned that fatty liver is the most important hepatology disease, and nonhepatologists must be aware of the disease.

Cardiovascular Diseases

It must be mentioned that the most severe cardiovascular diseases has been found on patients with an advanced form of fatty liver. These are the group of people who do not treat fatty liver early enough, and therefor the disease advanced into more severe diseases, like chiropodist.

And this why Fatty Liver must be treated immediately upon diagnosis, with no delays!

Conclusions & Suggestions

I highly suggest that everyone who has a fatty liver, even a mild nonalcoholic fatty liver, to treat it with no further delays. This can be done by a good diet program, exercise and generally a healthier life-style.

I also suggest taking a look at the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. It helped hundreds of my own patients.

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  1. Virginia Tarr
    Virginia Tarr says:

    I am having an argument with my primary care physician. I have non alcoholic fatty liver Disease. I know I must lose weight, he insists that I eat nothing but fatty meats. Absolutely no sugars including fruits and veggies. I do love my meat but nothing but fatty meat? Just today I argued with him at again. He says th a t my specialist does not know .

  2. m mahaveer chand
    m mahaveer chand says:

    My brother is having 900% of liver sie he often gets stomach stomach still he is drinking and smoking whats the reason sir


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