Fatty Liver Supplements – the 4 natural supplements that work!

Why Supplements Matter

Natural supplements are an important part on fatty liver treatment. It’s been proved over and over that they aid and help on treating the disease. Do not confuse natural supplements with traditional drugs. These are natural sources of compounds found in nature that help our liver to recover and do its job better. It’s as simple as it sounds.

So if you’re serious on getting better and want to be fatty liver free, you must include fatty liver supplements into your daily routine as well as a proper diet and exercise.

The Supplements

I will be honest – there are lots of supplements that claim to improve liver’s health. Very few of them are useful, but most of them have a little effect, if any.

The secret is to combine the supplements. I have researched years after years which are the most effective natural fatty liver supplements to help treating fatty liver. Most of my research was on over 300 of my own fatty liver patients.

And what I’ve found is remarkable.
Fatty Liver Supplements

The Best Natural Fatty Liver Supplements

Here is the plain list of the best combination of supplements to help treating fatty liver. Remember, it’s only effective when combined together.

Supplement name Effects/ Explanation Amount per serving
Natural Iron
  • Most of fatty liver patients have some degree of Iron deficiency.
  • 29 mg
  • Take one capsule per day with food and water.
Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is necessary for proper Iron absorption.
  • Fundamental free radical protection for overall wellness.
  • 1,000 mg
  • One capsule per day with food and water.
  • Natural tonic for the liver and gastrointestinal system.
  • Features a high concentration of powerful antioxidant Curcuminoids.
  • Free radical protection for digestive system health.
  • 720 mg
  • Once per day with water.
Milk Thistle
  • A powerful liver protector.
  • Used as a liver tonic in Europe for centuries.
  • 250 mg
  • One capsule two to three times per day with water.

Remember I mentioned I found something remarkable?

What’s remarkable in my finding is that if a fatty liver patient takes Milk Thistle alone – it probably won’t change a thing. Same thing with Turmeric – it has no effect then taking alone.

But if one takes both Turmeric AND Milk Thistle together – it does wonders!

One fatty liver supplement complements the other.

Same thing with Iron – it must be taken together with Vitamin C for a proper absorption.

Try the supplements for at least one whole year and I assure you – you will see amazing results. Your liver will be much healthier and it will clearly be shown in your liver’s blood test results.

Make sure to take the supplements daily and at about the same time.

A complementary Fatty Liver Diet Guide

In addition to fatty liver supplements that will help you to cure fatty liver, I highly recommend starting a proper diet plan using the Fatty Liver Diet Guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. I cannot express enough of how good this guide is. And the best part is – it’s all natural. It helped many of my patients. Click here for more details.

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  1. Diana Jacobs
    Diana Jacobs says:

    I am a nurse practitioner and I am finding more fatty liver in the last five years than I have in the last 30 years of practice.
    If I have my patients use these products how soon should I repeat the ultrasound to see if there is improvement.

  2. nancy
    nancy says:

    I have found that taking 2500 micrograms of vitamin B-12 and 5 to 6 glasses of water with 1 teaspoon of real lemon juice daily alone with little sweets and junk foods, fresh veggies and chicken, fish, and natural butter, fresh eggs, boiled or baked lean meats, whole grain breads, skim milk, whole grain cereals, potatoes(especially sweet potatoes) spices instead of much salt, olive or canola oil, fresh fruits….little juice, a little dark chocolate, and 4 oz. of real semi sweet red wine nightly reduces the fat from your liver and lowers the cholesterol, triglycerides, and raises your good cholesterol which gives you more energy and helps you to maintain a much better immune system also. I have done this for 2 years now, and my overall health and labs have returned back to all normal after many years of elevated blood work along with type 2 diabetes, plus reduced the much needed weight that I battled for years. I now maintain a total healthy weight and feel like a new person. Was a family physician that finally disclosed what to do to bring everything under complete control. And it has not only worked for me, but has proven to help my much overweight daughter also, that had battled her whole adult life with many of the same problems.

  3. rekha
    rekha says:

    i have been diagonised with mild fatty infiltration of liver.. i am 57 years old. hypertensive and diabetic since past 16 years. on medication. now on insulin. ofcourse my sugar levels keep fluctuating leading to uncontroled levels sometimes. i exercise regularly and try to maintain diet.could you please advice me. after i have started insulin treatment there is an increase in body weight.what should i do to see thst the fatty infiltration in liver reduces?

  4. tufail
    tufail says:

    Dear doctor,

    I have been detected fatty liver from 3 years before. I tried many medicine but now condition is same. I want to know only this there is permanent cure fatty liver or not.

    • Cleofe pepito
      Cleofe pepito says:

      Hello! My husband had a fatty liver, too due to hospital medications like antibiotics, etc. He never took the medication given by his doctor for we believe that it will just eventually damage the liver and the kidney. I have searched for the right foods. I advised him not to take bread, and any other products that have yeast or leavening agents. Yogurt and soya and salmon are what i bought for him. Plus we discovered USANA products. After a follow up of some diagnostic exams like ultrasound and sgpt test, the doctor found out that the problem was already resolved. It was back to normal. The doctor thought that my husband took the medication. I highly recommend the products. They also help me with my urinary tract infections for several times plus my multiple sclerosis (MS). I would be very glad to share more with you. You may e-mail me at cleofepepito@yahoo.com.

    • N.E. Patriot67
      N.E. Patriot67 says:

      NO medications will not work anywhere near as good as exercise even just walking a bit everyday the key is to break a sweat and when you think “I’ve had enough” Go a little bit more ” I’m not saying kill yourself running up a mountain , just walk a little extra each outing….You will be surprised how quickly it will help you , nothing old fashioned exercise , as long as you don’t get mugged in the process

  5. George J
    George J says:

    I have been diagnosed with Fatty Liver in 2003. I have had elevated ALT, AST, GGT, triglycerides and LDL whenever I tested since then. I tried many substances since 2003. Would take them for a month and to a test to see effect. Never found anything that had a consistent positive of lowering my LFT results. Omega 3 and Milk thistle no effect whatsoever. Ginseng either.
    Some substances do have a positive effect on LDL but they raise the triglyceride level.
    I never managed to stop drinking alcohol although I dont drink it every day.
    I eat healthier than average but not a strict diet.
    Bottom line, I havent found a treatment that would in itself cure my liver, and I have tried many.

    • Mobashir
      Mobashir says:

      can you please share your ALT, AST, GGT, triglycerides and Alkine Phosphate results so that i can advise you

  6. Nancy Ba
    Nancy Ba says:

    Thanks this sounds like very good advice and will adhere to your suggestions. I have recently been diagnosed with fatty liver. Dr did take me off the statin I was taking and one of my diabetes meds. I was having problems hopefully it will clear. I do like some of your suggestions and feel they will be beneficial in getting my health in order.

  7. amit
    amit says:

    Hello all!

    First of all..i wish all of you healhty and speedy recovery.i am 43 and quit alcohol and smoking after 20 years moderate( to occasionally hard )abuse.

    Here is what i want to share:

    In case you have a simple fatty liver condition and nothing else, then to help your liver please do the following.

    1.stop alcohol and smoking. if you cant ,then cut down drastically. smoking is equally harmful for liver like alcohol.!( its important to stop it gradually over 3-4 weeks). i had bad withdrawls because i cut it out complete and sudden. for example you can have just one small drink and one or two cigarettes a day for a few weeks before cutting it out fully.)
    2. drink juice of one lemon in lukewarm water in morning everyday( avoid chilled /icy drinks!) and one in evening.
    3. reduce your sugar and starch intake( in all forms..even sweet fruits should be taken occasionally and in small amounts). cut down the intake in steps for example reduce to 1/4 each week till you are down to 1/3 level. making sudden and complete cut off can be dangerous to your health.its actualy the sugar/starch that keeps converting into fat in he liver and not only the oil you consume. cutting down on sugar really will help your condition.but do so in gradual steps.
    4. stop taking fried foods but do take good fats like pure coconut oil and pure organic butter in SMALL amounts. our body needs some cholestrol to FUNCTION without which we will fall very very sick. also our liver gets lazy if it gets no fats at all to work on.
    5. do not crash diet to lose weight .you can get worse liver condition if you lose weight fast. do not cut out all meat. keep having a bit of chicken but avoid red and fatty meats./sausages of any type.
    7. most important… do not worry too much about your condtion.laugh and smile a lot. it really helps your liver more than you know.
    8. Walk or exercise as much as u can but dont exhaust youself. sweating gets toxin out of body…so if can manage to sweat during exercise,its good.
    9.green tea seems to help. drink once before bed also another cup between lunch and dinner.
    10.avoid any other medications that you dont need .however do not stop medications that are critical for your health.( for example diabetes, high BP etc)
    11. drink at least 5 to 6 full glasses of water everyday…try and drink apple and orange juice daily
    12. eat fruits and veggies for fibre intake. choose fruits that are not very sweet but filling. also,eat 5 or 6 small meals a day instead of 2 heavy meals.
    13. take a vitamin B complex capsule everyday.just one is enough. also get yourself checked for any vitamin /mineral defficiency. and speak to your doctor about it if you find any defficiency.
    14. milk thistle seems to work. you can take it for some weeks and then have yr tests done again to see how much it helped. i think it does help. in some cases you may need to take it for a few months but give week long breaks after every 4-6 weeks.
    15.try 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder or ideally 1 cubic cm of fresh turmeric root( not dry root but fresh if you ca get it ) in 1/2 cup warm “skimmed milk” everyday before bed daily but do this only if you dont have bile duct blockage/gall stones.turmeric as i read somewhere absorbs beter taken with good fat/natural good oil/milk and black pepper( two or three crushed beads).i think so far this has helped me.

    16 .Important: sleep by 10 .30 pm so your liver gets time to heal over the night. it heals itself faster if you are asleep early . and remember to take at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

    17. some of us are prescribed statins/fenofibrates to lower the fats in blood as part of treating fatty liver.

    statins/fenofibrates always caused me pain in abdomen so i stopped them after tying them for 3 weeks( also i had weakness in muscles and fatigue and weight loss from statins).so i suggest you also be careful.i think for a person like me..they are dangerous. the side effects of statins took many weeks to go away.pls tell your doctor if u get problems after taking statins etc….i stopped these meds from bad experience and now have been able to keep my LFT’s coming OK from diet changes and things i mentioned above.

    18. ask your doctor if you can take “phospatidyl choline “supplement. if he agrees then you should try it. it is supposed to help the liver metabolize the fat./remove fat .

    Good wishes and Godbless you and please dont worry too much

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