Green Tea extract may prevent Fatty Liver

A new research done in the University of Connecticut, investigated the benefits of green tea and its influence on fatty liver disease (steatosis). The researchers found that green tea might stop fat build-up around the liver.

This green tea study has been done on mice, and if the results could be translated to humans, the conclusion would be that green tea might become a very beneficial to prevent a fatty liver.

The research took six straight weeks, and included 3 groups of mice. The first group didn’t receive any green tea extract; the second group fed with one percent of green tea extract, and the third one with two percent.


The study clearly shows the benefits of Green Tea

At the end of the research the two groups of mice who have been fed with green tea extract diet, had a decrease of 23-25 percent of their body weight. However, the mice who didn’t receive the supplement had only 11-20 percent decrease in their weight.

The research also included testing the level of Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) and Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) enzymes in their bloodstream. The results have shown a decrease of the enzyme levels by 30-41 percent in the mice who fed with green tea extract, against 22-33 percent in the mice who didn’t feed with it.

Green tea is also known for its contribution for weight loss, which is crucial to prevent and cure a fatty liver disease.

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  1. Sashikanta
    Sashikanta says:

    Yes Green Tea works I have also Fatty liver I am 28, 68Kg, Have fatty liver and higher ALT value, so plz go and drink Green Tea. Higher ALT will fells like Shock suffering. So two time a day would be good.

  2. Diannah Gono from Philippines
    Diannah Gono from Philippines says:

    can coconut water and coconut meat help cure fatty liver? how about “malunggay” juice?


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