High Triglycerides and Fatty Liver

Triglycerides is known as a very common blood test and is tested almost in all blood tests people are taking. The reason for this is because it gives a very good indication that something is wrong.

If someone has high triglycerides, it can be a sign to a wide range of heart diseases, but also some liver diseases as-well.

Having high Triglycerides basically mean your blood contains high level of fat. The main cause of high levels of fat in the blood is bad eating habits.

High Triglycerides and Fatty Liver

Usually, along with high triglycerides, people also have high levels of bad Cholesterol (LDL), but not in all cases.

High Triglycerides and Fatty Liver relation

One of the main causes for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is bad eating habits, that increases your fat level in your body. And a very good indication for this is high Triglycerides levels in the blood test results.

Along with elevated levels of liver enzymes, such as ALT and AST, people with fatty liver will also have increased level of Triglycerides, that can give even more indication of fatty liver existence.

How to Lower your Triglycerides level

The best way to lower Triglycerides in the blood is by targeting the cause of it – bad eating habits. Eat healthy food and limit yourself of food with high levels of fat.

Start a diet for fatty liver, and read the many articles we have about Food and Diet, and take control of what you eat. Make sure you take a blood test about every month, to monitor your progress.

You can find a good list of food you should and shouldn’t eat is in here, that contains the absolute recommended foods for fatty liver.

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  1. susan
    susan says:

    I am learning that folks
    with insulin resistance show
    fatty livers. insulin resistance does not always mean youareeating bad things. Aplles for example create high levels of insulin (55%) and legumes / beans (121%) By eating low insulin foods that contain their own original fat you can lower your insulin levels which lower your fatty liver/triglycerides…menopause/estrogen replacement also can raise triglycerides levels..


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