Can Lemon Juice help a Fatty Liver?

Lemon juice has various benefits for your liver, mainly because it helps digesting the food you eat. The lemon juice has certain components that stimulate your digestive juices to process your food a better way.

Further more, lemon juice can help to prevent entrance of undigested food into the bloodstream.

The filtering of the undigested food is actually the job of the liver already, and is responsible to prevent undigested food particles to enter to your bloodstream. By doing it, the undigested food is treated as contaminates.

lemon juice for fatty liver

Liver lemon juice can relieve the liver with its workload, and for fatty liver disease patients, this means that the liver can work more effectively to process the food you eat, especially fat.

Rich in Vitamin C

Additionally, lemon juice is rich of Vitamin C, which is an excellent antioxidant. As an antioxidant, it can cleanse your blood from various toxins.

Another benefit of a lemon juice is that it can also help removing gallstones from the bladder. Every time you mix a lemon juice with Epsom salts and olive oil, the bile produced by the liver is not used anymore. The pileup of the bile will pressure the gallstones outside of your bladder.

I’ve posted some recommendations on our Facebook Page on how to drink lemon juice. I recommend you reading it:

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  1. punky
    punky says:

    go to the supermarket / store / walgreens / rite aid / etc etc ,,, and buy supplement ” MILK THISTLE ” by Nature Made ,,, the liver enzymes will DEFINITELY improve 🙂

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