Liver Position in Human Body

The human liver is the body’s second largest organ after the human skin.

The liver normally weighs about 3 pounds and is built-up by a complex chemical factory which produces many important substances (bile, digestive enzymes, clotting factors, cholesterol, proteins and more).

It’s also essential for the metabolism of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and other various vitamins and minerals.

The liver helps to adjust the level of blood, sugar and fats, cleanses the blood, detoxifies drugs, and protects against potentially harmful chemicals such as alcohol.

It is also the main repository for blood, vitamins and minerals, and glycogen (the stored form of sugar – the body’s major fuel). The human liver is a powerful and complicated machine and largely unappreciated – until something goes wrong.

What’s the Liver Position in Human Body?

The liver positioned under your right rib cage, close to all the organs related to the digestive system of your body:

Liver Position in Human Body

As you can clearly notice from the picture, the liver position in human body is very central. The main reason is it supports so many other organs in our body.

Liver Regeneration

Many don’t know this fact, but the liver is capable regenerating its lost tissues. It requires a minimum of 25% of a healthy liver to restore its full functions.

However, this is not a “true regeneration”. The liver isn’t restored to its original size and form. It only restores its full function.

All mammals can reregenerate their liver, not only humans. Surprisingly, fish are the only ones who have a “true regeneration” that restores their original liver form.

Liver Diseases

Due to its central position in our body, it’s also vulnerable to many diseases, including various infractions.

Some of the common liver diseases known are:

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  1. Peter Iribhogbe
    Peter Iribhogbe says:

    hi, I have fatty liver , also hypertensive I don,t know if hypertensive drugs affect my liver? I am afraid because of the pains am always having in my stomach. Regards


  2. lois
    lois says:

    Just diagnosed with fatty liver and told to watch fatty foods And sugar and I don’t drink alcohol. Was having slight discomfort in right side around waist like gas pains. This was reason for scan.

  3. adge
    adge says:

    blood test ok mri says i have fatty liver eat good diet drink moderatly . i exercise i am male 75. what should i do

  4. Diane Perry
    Diane Perry says:

    I just found out through an ultra sound of my abdemen that I have fat in my liver. I am a diabetic, and I was wondering how did I get this, and should I be worried about it.

  5. Danny
    Danny says:

    Hey, I have done ultrasound and they have told me I have fatty liver. But in the blood test the live enzyme is normal. I have no symptoms and no problems yet. Is it something serious to consider?

  6. Mark Bar-Gomel
    Mark Bar-Gomel says:

    Hello Jarjinder,
    Have you done a blood test to test your liver enzyme levels?
    A liver ultrasound alone is not enough to provide a proper diagnosis.
    Let me know.

    Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  7. harjinder singh
    harjinder singh says:

    As per ultra sound I have liver size of 17cms, and I’m not alcoholic, and did not have problems yet.
    Tell me, there will be any problem in the future?


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