The truth about Mild Fatty infiltration of the Liver

I see a lot of places recently talking about Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver, and it troubles me to find that many people think that is not really a condition that should be taken seriously.

The meaning of mild fatty infiltration of the liver is the fact that fatty liver isn’t yet developed at its full scale. Blood results would show some levels of elevated liver enzymes, but not as much.

Liver ultrasound would show some levels of enlarged liver and fat around the liver, but again, not as much as a non-mild fatty infiltration of the liver.

Mild Fatty infiltration of the Liver

The truth about Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver

The problem is, there is actually no such thing. To avoid fatty liver complications, the disease needs an attention as soon as you are diagnosed, no matter if it’s mild or at any other stage.

If you are being told you “only” have a mild fatty liver infiltration and it’s nothing to worry about – don’t take it for granted. Your aim should be to stop the disease as soon as possible by treating fatty liver. Don’t wait for the advancement of the disease.

If you have been told you have a Mild Fatty Infiltration of the Liver, comment below and tell your story.

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  1. Vikesh
    Vikesh says:

    Hello am vikesh kumar i m 29 yrs old.
    recently had a body check up where i found my cholestrol to be on the borderline amd found mild fatty infiltration in liver.. dr said nothing to worry just avoid ghee n oily food n exercise..

  2. chandrashekar patil
    chandrashekar patil says:

    sir, i need your help in my body my liver size is 19mm fatty.What can i do i am 42 years old

  3. Callie
    Callie says:

    Liver problems started at 17 when they found cyst on it when I was getting my gallbladder removed they watched me for 2 years and everything stay’d the same.. Until I started hurting 2 years later went to doctor found out my Liver is enlarged 22cm in length, blood work for liver is fine, had biopsy told I have fatty liver… I feel like something isn’t right this pain won’t go away! My good chlorestrol is low at 23 and my international ratio is low other then that everything seems about normal as I’m told

  4. Trish
    Trish says:

    I’ve been reading everyone’s comments and it sounds a lot like mine i had a scan on my abdomal in 2010 and was never told anything about my liver being englarged back then it was 18cm and now 2015 it 21 cm and if I would not of went and picked up a copy for my self I would of never knew because the dr said everything was normal when I pulled out the copy I had and said something about it and said something has to be going on cause every time I eat it hurts and it fells like a gallbladder problem but all that is normal including my blood work I get nausea , pain in right side tired all the time the only thing is my b12 levels and my vit D levels are not just low I have none I’ve never been that way I really want answers SOME ONE PLEASE HELP

  5. Arslan
    Arslan says:

    Dear Dr.
    my brother liver is mildly enlarged. Hpylori one test negative and one test is positive.
    spleen also enlarged 55
    No blood test done yet.
    He used to eat Tobaco raw popular in india and Pakistan.

  6. Kim B
    Kim B says:

    I am too being told I have a fatty liver — it’s 21 cm. I also have an ALK of 259, a GGT of 764, a CRP of 16.2 and a Sed Rate of 59. I have been in limbo for the past year and have had my gallbladder removed, an ERCP which showed mild dilation of a duct and this was opened up, an MRI of my liver that showed no dilation of bile ducts, but did show lesions on my kidneys, and a cyst in my liver. I’m now re-routed from my liver to my kidneys, as my father died of renal cancer. I’ve had another MRI w/ contrast and a CT w/ contrast and both are inconclusive either way for lesions being benign or malignant. No body can figure out what is wrong with me. I am very very fatigued, have night sweats and overall feel crappy.

  7. Rhonda Leath
    Rhonda Leath says:

    liver 15.2 cm in length homogenous parenchymal echoes without focal abnormalities main portal. vein 0.7 cm , dL3.5 – 5.0LTotal Bilirubin0.7 mg/dL0.4 – 2.0Aspartate Amino Transf (AST/SG53 U/L15 – 41HAlanine Aminotransferase (ALT/63 U/L14 – 54HAlkaline Phosphatase60 U/L32 – 91Globulin3.6 g/dL1.6 – 3.5H

  8. srinivasan
    srinivasan says:

    i have mild diffuse fatty liver i have right side last 8months mild uncomportpain what i do sir please help me if any series
    i done ct scan

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