Reyes Syndrome and Fatty Liver

Reyes Syndrome is a serious condition, and potentially fatal. It’s mostly taking place among children, affects all body organs (especially the brain and the liver), and causing various diseases, including Hypoglycemia (low levels of glucose in the blood).

It’s been related with the consumption of Aspirin, but many patients suffer from the disease where there is no Aspirin involved. This is why the exact cause of the Reyes Syndrome is still unknown.

The Fatty Liver connection

Reyes Syndrome is split into different stages, with different symptoms. At stage 2 of the disease, one of its common symptoms is a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The is simply because the fact that the liver is one of the most affected organs from this disease. Fatty liver disease can be diagnosed only by a liver ultrasound and/or a liver biopsy.

Reyes Syndrome and Fatty Liver

Early diagnosis is crucial, as serious brain injury or even death are possible results of the disease.

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