Fatty Liver Disease Symptoms

When talking about fatty liver disease symptoms you usually tend to think that it involves a sort of physical symptom you can point on, like so many other disease. In reality, fatty liver has nearly non-existent symptoms.

In most cases it is usually “hidden” and unnoticeable, until a routine blood test shows elevated levels of liver enzymes.

The reason behind this is because fat development around the liver is a very slow process, and usually takes years and even decades until it develops into a more severe liver disorder that actually has symptoms, like Cirrhosis. And while the fat is building up, there are almost no noticeable signs whatsoever.

Fatty Liver Symptoms

However, at a later stage of fatty liver development, the livers size is usually enlarged, and might cause an obscure discomfort in the right upper stomach. But it doesn’t happen to everyone, and isn’t considered as an actual symptoms of because it’s usually not painful.

This is the only “physical” fatty liver symptom, but again, it only happens at a later stage of the disease and not to everyone.

Diagnosing Fatty Liver even without Symptoms

You might ask, if there are no noticeable symptoms to fatty liver, how can one even know you have it? There is no simple answer to this question.

However, there is something anyone can do just to make sure to diagnose it when it happens, and that is to routinely take a blood test about every 6-12 month. A routine blood test is highly recommend for anyone, as it’s the best modern way to diagnose many diseases, especially at their early stage, and fatty liver is no stranger here.

If you do have a fatty liver, you will probably have an elevated ALT levels in your blood test results, which will eventually lead to a proper fatty liver diagnosis.

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  1. Bijal
    Bijal says:

    Hi, I have a mild fatty liver where my all blood reports(ALT) are normal but my sonography shows some fat deposition in my liver…and I also have low vitamin 12 167pmol/l and I’m also taking 1000mcg/day…so is there any connections between vit b12 and fatty liver?…is it safe to take b12 with fatty liver?…I’m feeling more breathlessness after taking 10 days of course of vit b12, so what should I have to do? Pls reply

  2. Kori Weber
    Kori Weber says:

    Hi there I just had some blood work done and I got my results in the mail and oh man I’m freaking there are a lot of numbers off the charts and I’m stumped as to how this could be happening. The notes said you have quite a bit of liver inflammation and your protein is elevated as is your calcium we need to discuss this. I’ve been looking things up and I just don’t know sigh….

  3. Roselyne Iza
    Roselyne Iza says:

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