Some updates about finding a drug to cure fatty liver disease

After so many years fatty liver disease was not receiving enough attention, it seems that all major health institutes are changing their view on this disease.

One of the major of such groups, The Liver Meeting® (AASLD), which a a global health organization about liver diseases, held its annual meetings in 2014, and they decided to switch their main agenda to Fatty Liver Disease. This is mainly because now there is a really effective cure for Hepatitis C, so the next “big” thing is Fatty Liver.

I already talking about this change on my previous article here. But in this article I want to clear some things that weren’t enough mentioned or weren’t enough said.

If (and that’s a big if) there will be a real drug cure for fatty liver, it will NOT and SHOULD NOT replace your actual REAL and natural treatment we have on our disposal today – which is a proper diet, weight loss, change our eating habits, and do some physical activity to help burn those fat in our liver cells.

Not a while ago a patient of mine told me something that made me feel really good on what I’m doing – to actually change people’s life:

“If someone told me a few months ago that I would be eating a cucumber sandwich and a salad, I would have thought they were nuts. Here’s to healthy eating!”

Cucumber Sandwich and a Salad

Yes he even took a picture of the actual salad he ate that day to prove me the change he’s going through with his life.

Now if anyone with Fatty Liver would do the same… I think we wouldn’t need any DRUG to cure the disease. We have everything we need right here, right now, NATURALLY.

What to know more about recommended foods for fatty liver? Read here.

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