Fatty Liver Treatment

Fatty liver is unique disease, as there are no conventional medications as other common diseases have. It’s develops due to bad eating habits, being overweight, and lack of physical activity.

Can Fatty Liver be Reversed?

For the treatment to be effective, we need to tackle two main factors. One  is a proper fatty liver diet plan to lose weight and change bad eating habits, and two (2) a physical activities and/or exercises to burn the fat in your body. If you do these two and do them properly, you have a real chance on reversing fatty liver.

Look at the following illustration. This is how you turn a “Fatty Liver” into a “Healthy Liver”.

How to treat a fatty liverWeight Loss

Being overweight is the #1 cause of having a fatty liver. There is no way around it – you must lose weight to treat the disease. And as mentioned above, it must include both changing your eating habits and by starting to do some physical activities.

But be careful – too much weight loss at an exaggerated rate might cause a side effect and can even make it worse. Take it all nice and slow, and you’ll be safe.

Get Physical

Whether its walking down the park, jogging, running, swimming, or any other type of activity that involves physical movement of your body, start doing it! Exercise will increase your metabolism, and thus will replace your body fat with muscles. Three times per week would do wonders.

Changing Your Eating Habits

Avoid foods with high levels of fat, cholesterol and sugar; in addition, try to avoid carbonated drinks. These foods are the main reason for fat build-up around the liver. Instead, start eating healthy food that has a high amount of dietary fiber and other beneficial nutrition. Learn more about the recommended foods for fatty liver.

Get a Personal Guide

If you are serious on treating fatty liver, you need all the help you can get. Instead of drugs we only got all you need is your attention and dedication. If you need a something to guide you through the treatment process, I highly recommend the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. It is specifically designed to reverse a fatty liver. Click here to read more.

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  1. sunny
    sunny says:

    Does one ambien pill (10 mg), taken the night before ALT test, raise ALT levels ? I take 10 mg ambien on very rare ocassions.

  2. dr.skpandey
    dr.skpandey says:

    my nefew is having mild diffuse fatty inflationary in liver kindly advice treatment. he is 20 years old.

  3. dr.skpandey
    dr.skpandey says:

    i am having grade -1 fatty liver and type -2 diabetic .at present i am taking novomix insulin 30 units at night and 26 units at morning . give me sugesion what to do for fatty liver and for diabetc.

  4. Mark Bar-Gomel
    Mark Bar-Gomel says:

    Hello Elsha,
    Your condition could be very well related to the pregnancy you had and the fact you are breastfeeding your baby.
    The enzyme levels are higher than normal but not high enough to indicate a severe condition of the disease.

    You weight could indeed impact have an impact, so it’s highly recommended to try to loss some weight.
    Perform a blood every every couple of week and monitor your condition. I would also suggest to perform a liver ultrasound just to be on the safe side.

    Wish you well,
    Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  5. Elsha
    Elsha says:

    i am diagnoze with fatty liver about 2 month ago.

    i am still breastfeeding my baby so i don’t take any medicine.

    this is my lab result :
    SGOT = 41 –> normal normal <31

    i gain too much weight since gave a birth (about 15 kgs or 30 pounds) and my upper belly become really big (and everybody thinks i am a pregnant woman, again. but i'm not)

    i don't really like fried food or fast food, but i eat a lot because breastfeeding make me always be hungry.

    what should i do?

    people around me said i should wait till the breastfeeding stop, but i'm afraid it's too late 🙁

    sorry for my bad english, but i need a resolution. my doctor gave me a vitamins and he said it will affect my milk production, so i don't eat it 🙁

  6. Mark Bar-Gomel
    Mark Bar-Gomel says:

    Hello Tracie,

    There is black and white rule in this. In general, you can eat “anything” but you must limit yourself for the amount and how many times per week you eat it.

    Check our the Foods for fatty liver article, there is a good section of “Moderation is the Key”, which should answer for your question.

    Best Regards,
    Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  7. Tracie Wilke
    Tracie Wilke says:

    Can we with fatty liver eat baked or roasted chicken on our salads? What kind of oils should we eat? Olive? Sunflower? Safflower? Fish? etc

  8. Zoe Baet
    Zoe Baet says:

    High fructose corn syrup has been found to be a chief cause of non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Avoid it at all costs.


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