Fatty Liver Treatment

Fatty liver is unique disease, as there are no conventional medications as other common diseases have. It’s develops due to bad eating habits, being overweight, and lack of physical activity.

Can Fatty Liver be Reversed?

For the treatment to be effective, we need to tackle two main factors. One  is a proper fatty liver diet plan to lose weight and change bad eating habits, and two (2) a physical activities and/or exercises to burn the fat in your body. If you do these two and do them properly, you have a real chance on reversing fatty liver.

Look at the following illustration. This is how you turn a “Fatty Liver” into a “Healthy Liver”.

How to treat a fatty liverWeight Loss

Being overweight is the #1 cause of having a fatty liver. There is no way around it – you must lose weight to treat the disease. And as mentioned above, it must include both changing your eating habits and by starting to do some physical activities.

But be careful – too much weight loss at an exaggerated rate might cause a side effect and can even make it worse. Take it all nice and slow, and you’ll be safe.

Get Physical

Whether its walking down the park, jogging, running, swimming, or any other type of activity that involves physical movement of your body, start doing it! Exercise will increase your metabolism, and thus will replace your body fat with muscles. Three times per week would do wonders.

Changing Your Eating Habits

Avoid foods with high levels of fat, cholesterol and sugar; in addition, try to avoid carbonated drinks. These foods are the main reason for fat build-up around the liver. Instead, start eating healthy food that has a high amount of dietary fiber and other beneficial nutrition. Learn more about the recommended foods for fatty liver.

Get a Personal Guide

If you are serious on treating fatty liver, you need all the help you can get. Instead of drugs we only got all you need is your attention and dedication. If you need a something to guide you through the treatment process, I highly recommend the fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. It is specifically designed to reverse a fatty liver. Click here to read more.

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  1. jayanta chakraborty
    jayanta chakraborty says:

    Dear sir,
    My self jayanta,31-yrs, last one yrs ago test my blood than found hepatics-b+. than test bellow mention :

    1>SGOT-47 UNITS/L
    2>SGPT-76UNITS/L(method KIN.UV IFCC)
    4>Anti-HBC,antibody to hepatitis Bcore antigen,serum byCMIA – 0.201S/CO(RLU)
    5>HBeAG,Hepatitis B envelope antigen,serum by CMIA – 0.171 S/CO(RLU) [1.00 reactive]
    6>Total protins4.6G/100ML(METHOD BIURET)


    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hello Jayanta,

      Hep B+ has about the same treatment as a fatty liver.
      That includes a good diet program with physical exercise and a well healthy lifestyle.

      I highly suggest to start following a proven diet program. The one I personally know of is a liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. There might be other good guys, but this is the one I know that has worked on so many of my own patients.

      Wish you all well,
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  2. Ray
    Ray says:

    Hi! My LDL has spiked to 184.4, and HDL is at a low 43. My SGOT / AST (UV without P5P) is 45.2 and SGPT / ALT (UV without P5P) is a scary 101.3. A fibroscan of 7.8 shows I have no fibrosis, but lots fat. I have been prescribed Heptral 400 and Vitamin E 400 (both twice a day) and a Rosulip 10 at night. After 3 weeks of the medication, my skin on my fingers have wrinkled – as if the fat has melted underneath and the skin has become loose. Is this possible?

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hi Ray,

      Most of the medications you take is to fight the high cholesterol.
      Your high level of ALT suggest you have a fatty liver disease, and this disease does NOT have any known drugs to cure it.

      Only a proper diet, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle can cure a fatty liver and also reduce your cholesterol levels.
      I highly suggest to start following a diet program. The one I personally know of is a fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. There might be other good guys, but this is the one I know that has worked on so many of my own patients.

      Wish you all well,
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  3. Rakesh
    Rakesh says:

    Hello Dr. Mark,
    Your website is very helpful. Thank you for the great work.
    I am suffering from fatty liver for past 2 years. But I also have hypothyroidism.
    Doctor prescribed Heptral (Adementionine) 800mg. Also Evion and Ursocol. I took this dosage for 3 months. I am travelling now and am unsure whether I need to continue this medicine.
    My blood tests read:
    TSH – 42
    SGOT – 44
    SGPT – 53


    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hello Rakesh,

      Your blood test results suggest mild fatty liver disease. Can you elaborate if you done a liver ultrasound? If so can you please post the results?

      You should separate the medications you take into two groups:
      1) Heptral is an Anti Depressant and Ursocol is used for various liver conditions.
      2) Evion is basically Vitamin E.

      There is no reason to stop Evion if your body needs to, but regarding the other 2 drugs it depends on the reason you are taking them. Can you elaborate?
      It’s important to understand that the main fatty liver treatment is a proper diet, exercise and generally healthy lifestyle.
      If you want a good guide to start your diet, let me know and I’ll direct you to a well-known diet guide.

      Can you also post your age, weight and height please?

      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  4. tony
    tony says:

    Dear doctor
    My name is TONY KOYU from arunachal pradesh height 164cms, weight 66.
    i have problem with gas form in stomach mostly in evening, but gas does not out easily, right lower abdomen discomport feeling air in it, hunger every 3-4 hours.
    USG report Diffuse fatty infiltration(high grade)-liver.
    Sgot 55.7 normal range 14-50 u/l
    sgpt 123.5 n/range 13-61 u/l
    endoscopy report Esophagus: grade 1 varices x 3 col.

    Colonoscopy normal upto terminal ileum.
    Dr. Prescribe medicine
    Golbi 300mg 60 tablets 2/day
    Evion 400mg 60 tablets 2/day
    Adesam 400mg 90 tab 3/day
    somraz 40mg 30 tab 1/day
    is these right medicine?

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hello Tony,

      How old are you? It’s hard to believe that the medicine you were given are only for fatty liver.
      What did your physician told you about the diagnosis?

      Waiting for your reply,
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

  5. Rajaram
    Rajaram says:

    Thanks for your reply Mark. I had alcohol more than 5 days in the last week before blood test. May be that is the reason for ggt rise?…… Few times there will be itching. Nowadays my waist has become fat. I am taking piosys tab for diabetes.
    My lipid profile shows Trglycerides level of 160 and HDL level of 45

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hi again Rajaram,

      The alcohol you took 5 days before the tests can’t effect that much.
      Your GGT is very high and is very likely to indicate a liver disorder that might be a risk.
      You should go back to your physician as soon as possible to perform additional tests to diagnose it.
      Don’t wait.


  6. Rajaram
    Rajaram says:

    Hi Mark,
    my age is 49. My blood test results show
    alt= 30
    ast= 70
    Abdominal ultrasound showed :suggestive fatty infiltrate in the liver
    Is ther any risk right now?
    please REPLY

  7. vaibhav srivastava
    vaibhav srivastava says:

    Hi Mark,

    My age is 29. No i am not doing any physical exercise. I go for walk but not regularly.
    I usually eat chapati and green vegetables. Reduced eating rice. I am also avoiding junk foods and non veg.

  8. vaibhav srivastava
    vaibhav srivastava says:


    I am facing non alcoholic fatty liver. Size of liver is 16.5 cm. SGPT and SGOT are increased and Vitamin D deficiency. I feel very uneasy after having food. Can you help me in telling which diet or activities could help me in reducing it. My height is 5’7″ and weight is 72 kg. I have taken medicines but it din’t helped. Should i carry on with medication?? I have changed my food habbit also and take home food only. How much time will it take to reduce.

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hi Vaibhav,

      What’s your age? Are you doing any physical exercises?
      Please post what you usually eat during the day and I could make some recommendations to you.

      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

    GAURAV says:

    Sir I am suffering from fatty liver grade I from last 1 year.
    My SGPT levels moves 60 to 100 in each testing. It is not fixes but it is fluctuation in every testing result. Now I am taking homeopathic as well as allopathic medicine with regular exercise. My height is 5 feet 8 inch, body weight is 86 kg. I am non alcoholic. I am taking Thyro norm 125 mg and telmiknd am tablet from last three years. Sir I want to know that may these drugs can effect my liver and how I can treat myself.

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      According your height and weight, you are overweight.
      If your SGPT levels increase by 60-100 on each test, it’s very alerting.
      Please write down what do usually eat everyday and what are your physical activities.

      Regarding the medication, in general – any excessive use of medication could damage your liver. But the medications you’re taking aren’t necessary the cause.

      Waiting for your reply,
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel


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