When to consider a Fatty Liver Biopsy

A fatty liver biopsy is an invasive operation used to remove a sample of a liver tissue.

The most common reason for doing a fatty liver biopsy is when the level of your liver enzyme, ALT, is at normal range, but on the other hand, a liver ultrasound scan suggests a non-alcoholic fatty liver.

Who is it for?

Liver biopsy isn’t required in most cases, but it’s sometimes necessary. There is in-fact a scenario where the ALT enzyme level is at normal range, but an ultrasound test suggests a fatty liver.


This is where the data from the blood test and the ultrasound doesn’t add-up, and a liver biopsy can confirm or disregard an existence of a fatty liver, and see not only the amount of fat, but also if there is an inflammation, scar tissue, and necrosis (deal liver cells).

Patients with Insulin Resistance (a pre-diabetic state), or other problems related to Glucose Metabolism, are at higher risk for a complication to an advanced liver diseases.

Learn more about Fatty Liver Diagnosis

You can learn everything about fatty liver diagnosis by clicking here.

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  1. Deb
    Deb says:

    My grandson is a 23 year old college student. He has been complaining of the food on campus for awhile.
    He called a couple weeks ago to say his eyes were yellow and his bowels are white and there is pain in the upper right part of his chest. He has been to an emergency room where they prescribed him a medicine “tremefine” used to kill scabies. He was home last week he is very yellow in his eyes and skin, he is vomiting have trouble with smells. His mother took him back to college last week end and when they entered his dorm room she said the strong smell of sewage in the air made them open his windows. They have ran blood test all came back negative the have ran MRI it came back not showing ant blockages. Now they want a liver biopsy. He is a bodybuilder could this be an allergic reaction to his supplements he has been taking?

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hi. My ALT number was slightly elevated in November 2013 (57) and when retested a month later it was 97. My PCP referred me onto a liver specialist and I had a slew of bloodwork done and a Ultrasound. This was in late February. My ALT number is now 103.

    My ultrasound was fine and showed nothing abnormal and the rest of my bloodwork was all within the ranges. All Hep tests were negative. The nurse practitioner stated I was the “picture of health”.

    I drink about 0-5 drink a month, don’t smoke. I’m 5’8 and 187 pounds.

    Next week I am have a biopsy of my liver done.

    While on one level I am grateful my test results were good minus the AKT number I am terrified that there is some ticking time bomb that is causing my ALT numbers to be high.

    In this scenario what would the Biopsy being looking for? Thanks.


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