Whole wheat bread benefits for Fatty Liver

Whole wheat bread is highly rich with nutrition, including fiber, vitamins B6 and E, zinc, chromium, magnesium and folic-acid. Out of these nutritions, the most important one is Fiber.

Both white and whole wheat bread are made from wheat berries, which originally have three nutrient parts: the bran (the outer layers), the germ (the innermost area) and the endosperm (the starched part).

These nutrition-rich parts have been pulled off from white bread for reasons of taste and a longer shelf life. However, whole wheat bread have all three of them.

Whole wheat bread benefits for Fatty Liver

Why Fiber is Super-Important

All the researches done about fiber tell us the following facts:

  1. Fiber is known to aid digestive system.
  2. Fiber helps you to lose and maintain weight because eating fiber-dense wheat bread makes you feel full.
  3. It lowers cholesterol levels.
  4. Highly affective on controlling blood sugar levels.
  5. Other heart-health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure.

Fiber and Fatty Liver

So the key benefit of fiber is that helps you to lose weight. And the fact that a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease mainly develops due to being overweight, it’s pretty clear why it’s so beneficial to fight fatty liver.

If you love bread, that yes, it might be a bit difficult to suddenly start eating whole wheat bread instead of white bread. It’s pretty logical after all – you’re used to the taste for as long as you remember yourself.

But do yourself a big favor, if you have a fatty liver, or you want to prevent a fatty liver (among other diseases), make sure you include whole wheat bread in your diet. Just make sure you want to buy the one what has the “100% whole wheat” on it.

Getting a diet program for fatty liver

As you might know already, a fatty liver can naturally be cured, with no medication. All you need a good and working diet program for fatty liver. I highly recommend starting a your diet with the help of a proven fatty liver diet, written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. It helped a lot of my own patience. Click here to get the guide.

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  1. Arlene Gariepy
    Arlene Gariepy says:

    Why the hell do I have to buy a fucking diet you money hungry bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Offer this for free you fuck heads there are people like me who are very sick with no money you bastards but the almighty fuckin dollar is a good motivation to be a rat bastard. Stick your fuckin’ diet up your fuckin ass. I will research and put one up for free, I am poor but I will not take advantage of someone who is sick like you have. FUCK YOU!!!!

    • Melanie Shepard
      Melanie Shepard says:

      Your language is quite discerning to say the least. All you have to do is ,google fatty liver diets etc it’s out there free.
      You don’t need this book . Whole wheat bread, stay away from processed meat, red meat. Don’t eat anything from a box. Fresh fruits and vegetables .. no salt no soda the healthier the better. Common sense goes a long way. God Bless❤️

  2. Sudheer kumar N
    Sudheer kumar N says:


    My SGPT is 88 and SGOT is 52 but I am a non-vegetarian lover.
    currently taking medicines for SGPT and SGOT to get it to normal range.

    1. at this time if I take any nonvegetarian food(Chicken and Eggs) is it any problem?
    2. what are the best diet to get my SGPT and SGOT levels to normal range?

    could you please say the solution for those two points.
    I have placed my email also if u donot mine pls send solution to my email it will be more helpful.

    My email : nsudheerkumar@hotmail.com

    Thanks in Advance!

    Sudheer kumar

  3. Rhey Anne
    Rhey Anne says:

    Good day!

    I’m glad to found some latest comments by Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel.
    Last June 5 I took medical test and the result: SGPT: 64 iu/l; SGOT: 35 iu/l & lambda SGPT 59 iu/l my cholesterol level are also high so they suggest to have re-examination.
    I immediately exercise & eat healthy foods. reduce meat intake
    Last week August 26 2014. I took SGPT, SGOT, lambda SGPT test, HDL & LDL test and the result was all normal.
    my weight is from 68 kg to 64 kg.
    In 2012 I started to feel upper right rib pain. so I took an ultra sound test & the result was fatty liver.
    At first I was not concerned about it but later on all the result was fatty liver until August 26, 2014 the doctor says that I have gallbladder polys ranging up to 5.8 mm and that my liver had fats. This time I was scared and became conscious on what I eat. I think is a bit late but I’ll fight..
    Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel, can you give advice on what should I eat? or what should I do? Can I still eat pork & chicken in moderation? I started to limit it though. and eat fruits & vegetables with less white rice. By the way I’m Asian Filipino & I’m now working in Japan.

    Rhey Anne L. Bugarin

    • Mark Bar-Gomel
      Mark Bar-Gomel says:

      Hello Rhey,

      It’s all about a proper healthy diet plan for your liver and physical exercise. That’s all there is. There are no medications for the disease.
      You can still eat pork & chicken in moderation, but you need to be EXTRA careful for high fat level foods.

      I highly suggest to start a well-guided diet program for heal and maintain the health of your liver for the long-term.
      The one I know of is a fatty liver diet guide written by Dorothy Spencer BSN, RN. There might be other good guys, but this is the one I know that has worked on so many of my own patients.

      Wish you all well!
      Dr. Mark Bar-Gomel

      • Rhey Anne Bugarin
        Rhey Anne Bugarin says:

        Dr. My last medical result was fine, it was June 2015 comapny medical exam SGPT and SGOT is on normal range. as well as choles level, Thanks God, and pain in my upper right rib was gone. I also started eating a bit fatty food but all in moderation,Thanks you very much!

  4. d.arangadas
    d.arangadas says:

    Dear Doctor, I have fatty liver past three year, but not shows. Last year I have done an ultrasound scan that shows my liver bright. This year I have a blood test and my ALT levels are U/L 73. When I had the disease over the last two years, I have done continuous exercise and the problem still exists. When I stop exercise I don’t digestive foot properly. I have a pain sometimes on the right upper abdominal. I fear of my health. How can I reduce my ALT levels? Thank you


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